When guitarist Bobby Pointer left the band that was backing Simtec and Wylie, he formed the Southside Movement. Their recordings were produced by James Van Leer, and the initial 45, I've Been Watching You, became their biggest hit, reaching #14 for two weeks (5/19/73 and 5/26/73) on the Billboard r&b charts. It had a tough ride after peaking, as it slid to #37 on 6/2 and then GONE! It did journey for 14 weeks though and also made the 'bubbling under' pop chart (#103, 4/7). It has some aspects (especially the electric piano) of darker Stevie Wonder; written by producer Van Leer and the great Bobby Rush, this is a wonderful example of early 1970s Chicago funky soul, similar in some ways, to the Earth Wind and Fire of 1971 on WB but not as trippy or as arranged vocally.

DJ Pi/Paul Yamada


Zackary Schneider