Subversive Sounds for Freaks of All Ages.

Sex. Drugs. Rock. Love. War. Dance.




An Irreverent Internet Radio Station


Shecky Sez'Hear the Wholesome sounds of our friendly neighborhood disc jockeys'!

We were sick of radio. It died a long time ago when the corporations bought all the little guys and DJ'z we grew up with. Then the internet gave us a stream of tunes 'curated' by a machine. We are weirdos. We have souls. We have ideas and opinions. We love music. WholesomeRadio is our gift to you.



We give you the facts of life and the birds and the bees, music to make love to/with. Let the sensual sounds seduce you. Go all the way with WHOLSO.ME/RADIO. Nooky, whoopee, or a roll in the hay. Get to know the tunes in the biblical sense.



Whether spaced out, stoned, h y p e d up, under the influence, or just plain drunk, the staff here at WHOLSO.ME/RADIO serve you a heady, exhilarating brew of l y s e r g i c sonic sugarcubes, lubricated and loaded with tunes, plentiful in mind-blowingdeliriousectasy. Are you hallucinating? D e l i g ht in the elation, rapture and euphoria of the music... with or without pharmucuetical assistance.


For those moments when you are itching for a jolt up your spine, a quiver down your legs, or just need to rock out and jam to some tunes with electric guitars, fast paced drums, and guys screaming like girls, WHOLSO.ME/RADIO staff wants to shake your knees and make you tremble.


Music more for the soul than the mind. We are hanckering for your attention and hope to enchant you to the point of tears in your eyes. Tunes that infatuate you with stories of passion, heartbreak, affection and hate. We play songs that activate desire and tenderly tug at your heart.


When you need to rally the troops, stand up to the man, or just straight up protest, music is a weapon for the voiceless. Music shares struggles and inspires revolution.


For those who just want to...

Boogie, break, bust a groove
Footwork, freak out, bust a move
Head-bang, hustle get one's groove on
Foxtrot, frolic get (one's) swerve on