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Get Wholesome
Before the Shit Hits the Fan.

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WHOLESOME is a creativity clubhouse in Chicago, housed in the former Hammond Organ factory. Started as an irreverent punk fanzine in 1984, WholesomeZine went digital in 2009 and grew to include, WholesomeStudio-b3 recording and rehearsal, WholesomeRadio streaming and podcasting, WholesomeWax vinyl and digital music, and of course, WholesomeMerch shirts and schwag.

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Created by Musicians
for Musicians.


WholesomeStudio - b3 offers comfortable, sunny, affordable and secure space for Chicago's professional musicians and artists. We have Monthly and Hourly rehearsal studios as well as Streaming, Podcasting and Recording.

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Subversive Sounds
for Freaks of All Ages.


We were sick of radio. It died a long time ago when the corporations bought all the little guys and DJ'z we grew up with. Then the internet gave us a stream of tunes 'curated' by a machine. We are weirdos. We have souls. We have ideas and opinions. We love music. WholesomeRadio is our gift to you.

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Wholesome Sounds
on 100% Pure Wax.


We have scoured the globe (and pots & pans), and distilled the essence of pure musical satifaction, so YOU don't have to. Laying down TRAX (Convienient Digital Downloads) and WAX (Premium Vinyl Records). These fine, upstanding, and enterprising young men and women are all OUTSANDING IN THEIR RESPECTIVE FIELDS. They are sweating and slaving day and night to bring you NOTHING BUT THE BEST!!! and put in on the MOSTEST WHOLESOMEST!!! of WholesomeWax.

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A Digital Bizzarre
of Wonderous Wares


T-Shirtz, Stickerz, Posterz & More... We put our money where our mouth is. Ten percent of all t-shirt revenue is donated to Cure Violence Chicago.

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An Irreverent Fanzine.
Est. 1984

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