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"Don't get sauce all over your ascot Englebert"!!

DJ SAPPY DAVIS Jr. | Both Kinds

Country & Whatevah


A little bit country, a little bit dub, little bit death metal, and a wholesome helluva lotta whatevah the hell he wants!!!

Sit Down!! Shut Up!! and stare down the business end of WholesomeRadio's very own DJ SAPPY DAVIS Jr. Thrill to the down home craptacular, chicken bone buffet of gnarly finger lickin' melodies to delight even the most erudite of coffee shop dandies. Don't get sauce all over your ascott Englebert!!

Please keep your valuables and belongings close at hand for the duration of the ride. Management is not liable for any loss or damage to your vehicle. Car will be towed at owners expense.

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