Chicago Rock 10

The New Colony Six

The Riddles, The Knaves and more...


This show, featuring the New Colony Six, resumes an earlier focus on 60's era Chicago Rock bands. The early New Colony Six records were released on their own label, Centaur, later changed to Sentar. Though they twice recorded the Yardbird’s Mister You’re A Better Man Than I, much of their early work is popish Folk Rock with an emphasis on the vocals. The group had several records do well on WLS, and a few of these reached the national charts as well. Singer Ronnie Rice joined before the second album was released, the band stopped focusing on grittier rock material, and began recording material like Tony Orlando’s Love You So Much, which featured a full horn section and none of the group’s more characteristic fuzzy guitar and moody electric organ. Another show will feature their best known hit recordings on Mercury Records, as well as a few moments that reveal an intelligent and creative Folk and Pop-Rock band, as the band continued to record, with numerous line-up changes, until 1974.

The last set of the show features Chicago area groups who made many fewer records than The New Colony Six. The Riddles had local discs before placing one on Mercury, while the Five Empressions, who were forced to change the group name to the Five Emprees because of legal threats from the Impressions, had several 45's and an album on the local Freeport label. The Knaves had single on Glen which was picked up by Dunwich and received some airplay on station WCFI and a second release, also on Dunwich. The Ingredients and The Todds each placed one 45 on Toddlin’ Town, best known for Soul and Funk records, Funky Judge by Bull & the Matadors was a hit, and each group has a developed Rock and 'Garage sound, even if it only lasted for one record.

Set 1

  1. I Confess
  2. At The River’s Edge
  3. I Lie Awake
  4. Mister You’re A Better Man Than I
  5. Some People Think I’m A Playboy
    The New Colony Six

Set 2

  1. Let You So Much
  2. You’re Gonna Be Mine
  3. Warm Baby
  4. My Dreams Depend On You
  5. I’m Just Waiting
  6. Woman
    The New Colony Six

Set 3

  1. It’s One Thing To Say
    The Riddles
  2. Hey Lover
    The Five Empressions
  3. Why ?
    The Five Emprees
  4. Little Miss Sad
    The Five Empressions
  5. Leave Me Alone
  6. The Girl I Threw Away
    The Knaves
  7. Hey Who
    The Ingredients
  8. I Want Her Back
    The Todds
  9. Please Don’t Leave Me
    The Ingredients
  10. Your Stuff
  11. Inside Outside
    The Knaves


Posted on February 7, 2013 .