Soul Station π: Standells & Count Five


Listen @ Your Leisure.

My new show at the Soul Station features the Standells and the Count Five. Their music makes a very interesting comparison and contrast. Some the hits are there, but so are many other records that are not as well known and deserve attention, like the Count Five doing You Must Believe Me (Impressions) as well as a Standells original, Poor Shell Of A Man and their version of Wicked Pickett's Ninety-Nine And A Half. I also feature the original of Soul Drippin by the Standells, which, when covered by Chicago's The Mauds, became the closest record that band had that was a national hit! So do tune in. a rockin' must tonight at 7pm!

DJ π


Set 1

  1. Someday You'll Cry
  2. Rari
  3. Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White
    The Standells
  4. Psychotic Reaction
  5. They're Gonna Get You
    Count Five
  6. Mr Nobody
    The Standells
  7. Peace Of Mind
  8. Out In The Street
    Count Five
  9. Riot On Sunset Strip
    The Standells

Set 2

  1. You Must Believe Me
  2. Teeny Bopper, Teeny Bopper
    Count Five
  3. Try It
  4. Poor Shell Of A Man
    The Standells
  5. Contrast
    Count Five
  6. Can't Help But Love You
  7. Ninety-Nine & A Half
    The Standells
  8. Revelation In Slow Motion
  9. Declaration Of Independence
    Count Five
  10. Soul Drippin'
    The Standells