by Thee Arthur Layne

Hard, loud and bulbous. An instant classic. 





Listening to HVY DRT Vol. 1 is like mainlining a musical speedball of Hendrix, free jazz, noise, metal and the MC5. A quartet from Chicago, IL,  Thee Arthur Layne plays rock stripped to its primitive core, chugging along on primal drums, ecstatic riffing and piledriver bass.

Chicago's Thee Arthur Layne defy easy description, bringing together as they do a number of styles and heating them into a stew that's more than a sum of its parts. Heavy rock, a strong tinge of psychedelics, garage rock roots, and an experimental bent are all there competing for attention. The result is a hugely energetic, unpredictable collection of full-on rock  What makes the band unique is the range of styles that come together in their music. Though the band say they 'merely make music that we like,' it's clear that the members each bring their own influences to bear.  

Even amidst all the strum und drangThee Arthur Layne can be subtle in their onslaught. Father Friendly morphs from hard-rock pumping to fits of noise to butt-shaking breakdown to subterranean rhythm section rumbling and back again, yet one never notices the shifts – you just go along for the ride, growing more disoriented at every turn. On Scorpion Crawl the quartet balances vaporizing blasts of noise with rock’s unflappable low-end, as Sap DeFily's lumbering bass plays launching pad to Angel Ledezma's seismic drumming and Adam Scott's guitar feedback’s cosmic lift-off. 

Jason Walter's lyrics, Nelson Algren like stabs from the neon jungle, come across as primal grunts and howls leaping, like the music, for the subconscious jugular. This is catharsis, whether you want it or not. To the initiated,  Thee Arthur Layne puts on one mind-melter of a live show, and in fact much of HVY DRT Vol. 1  hits like the raw punch of overloaded on-stage decibels. Live or not, it’s a fantastic, head-cleaning declaration.

produced & recorded by T.H.O.S.E. @ Studio-b3

final mix & mastering by Neal Ostrovsky

Guitar Adam Scott 

Bazz Sap DeFily

Drums Angel Ledezma

Vocals Screamin' Jay Walter 

Wurtlizter & Mellotron Zack Schneider