DJ LOBO | It Says HOT! on the Bottle

Greasy, Sweaty Rock n' Roll





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Hola, me Llamo Lobo.

Oh yeah, my name is Lobo.

The show I host on Wholesome Radio: "It's says HOT! on the Bottle". I play: Rock en Español, Electronic, Indie, Rap, Hip Hop, Reggae, Garage Rock n’ Roll, and whatever comes between and after.

“From all the shit, the one I got to buy is music
From all the jobs, the one I choose is music
From all the drinks, I get drunk off music
From all the bitches, the one I want to be is music”
— Lovefoxxx from Brazilian Indie Electronic Band Cansei de Ser Sexy

The only reason I've always wanted to do a music show is because all we hear is the same repeated, stale, garbage the record companies want to sell you. So that being said, I will do my best to play the most fresh, groovin, sweaty, greasy, music I know. And if there's something I don't know about, do me a favor and tell me about it and we'll put it on the show.

Thank you!