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Soul Station Feature: Simtec & Wylie

Do It Like Mama

The Chicago soul-funk duo Simtec (Walter Simmons) And Wylie (Wylie Dixon) had a bunch of 45s (and one album) from the late 1960s into the 1970s. They excelled at a hard edged, funky kind of soul that vocally relied on Sam And Dave. The band on several of their records was more or less led by guitarist Bobby Pointer, and he and a few others moved on from the duo to become the Southside Movement. Although the two singers had more success with their second 45 on Shama, this is the one that hits me, and when they keep singing mommy my eyes roll as much as my feet move!

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Animation Meditation: Andrew Grant

Adaptive Reuse

This improvisational animation was made with junk found scattered around UIC campus, and my neighborhood Washington Park. Many of the scenes are site specific, shot on the fly based on what materials presented themselves. I used stop-motion because it requires a hands-on approach, and I wanted to maintain the materiality of the objects that were being repurposed from their junk/trash context. In this sense, the film is about adding new value through attention and reuse.

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