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Soul Station π: Special 8

US Punk and New Wave 45's 1975-76

The earliest moments of 70's Punk from the UK have already been covered on two Soul Station π events, so now, I am jumping in to play a number of important and early American records. These initial shots of Punk and Rock energy were exciting to live through, often difficult to hear and find, and they have all held up well after almost 40 years.

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Soul Station π: Special 7

John Cale 2 The Island Records Show

I did an earlier show that featured Cale's work after parting company with the Velvet Underground. Those early recordings are quite pop and feature delicate, shimmering melodies and first reveal Cale's interest in songs that have a debt to the Beach Boys. Once he had signed to Island, he began to further experiment in this vein, often using pumping piano parts that resemble…

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