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Should Station Feature: The Bad Plus

Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Jazz musicians have been attracted to pop tunes since there has been jazz. I would like to think that it is partly because the musicians have big ears and open minds, though the overwhelming number of jazz versions of Beatles songs in the 1960s probably had more to do with dreams of $$$$ than anything else. Still, when the piano trio The Bad Plus made their debut, tongues and fingers wagged at the band playing music by ABBA and Nirvana. The trio has clearly gotten past that, and the pianist, Ethan Iverson has become a star. He left and was replaced by Orris Evans last year. I think the most engaging of their pop and rock covers is the Tears For Fears cover. The arrangement and approach reminds me of how Hampton Hawes deconstructed Bacharach with perhaps his most adventurous trio, consisting of Henry Franklin and Michael Carvin. Iverson isn't as amazing as Hawes, but still, this is damned fine. From Prog, the trio's fifth album (2007).

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