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Soun Station Feature: Frank Culley

Ready For Action

Frank Culley, who became known as Floorshow, was a hard blowing sax player who was at one time the leader of a house band used by Atlantic Records. He had two hits for the label, Cole Slaw and After Hours Session, both in 1949. He also added his sax to many Atlantic r&b records. Prior to blowing for Atlantic, he cut two discs for the Lenox label. I've only heard the first of the two, which is probably from the end of 1947 or the start of 1948. One side, The Pig Is Diggin', is quite interesting because it has many boppish aspects, as well as some wild honking. But it is nowhere to be found. So I offer up the B-side of Lenox 513, which pretty much limits its bop moments to the very end, but which has some wild, trick-bag playing and whistles from Culley. In a few years this kind of jazzy r&b would be called rock'n'roll.

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