Soul Station π: Greg Hatza & Lonnie Smith


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My new show tonight at the Soul Station is all about the B3. I feature tracks from two records by Greg Hatza that he made at the end of his teens! His fellow players are Eric Gale and Grady Tate. The debut, The Wizardry of Greg Hatza tracks are mono and sound amazing! He has some moves that you will not hear on other organ jazz records from the 1960s, especially on Charlene. In between the two Greg Hatza sets, I spin tracks from Lonnie Smith's debut, also in mono. These feature King Curtis, Blue Mitchell and George Benson! Also in MONO! This is one very sizzling show. So tune in, 7pm tonight. You know where!

*DJ π a.k.k Paul Yamada*


Set 1

  1. Sputnick
  2. Charlene
  3. Summertime
    Greg Hatza

Set 2

  1. Hola Muneca
  2. Minor Chant
  3. Can't You Just Feel It
  4. Our Miss Brooks
  5. Sideman
    Lonnie Smith

Set 3

  1. John Brown's Body
  2. Blues For Charlie
  3. Tate Worm
    Greg Hatza