Soul Station Feature: Boyce & Hart

Out & About

When I was in junior high and the beginning of high school, despite their recording success, in many circles Boyce and Hart were not cool. This was in part because of all their work for the Monkees, and many kinds and young adults thought the band was, well, fake, in a way. That Boyce and Hart appeared on an episode of the Singing Nun didn't help their image. I liked their 45s and when I got their three albums, I found that there was some pretty sophisticated and wonderful rock on them, and they certainly had a great band. Of their three top 40 national hits, I think I like Out And About the best. It just did crack the national top 40, reaching #39 on August 12, 1967. On a different note, my experience interviewing Dolenz, Jones, Boyce, and Hart was pretty much a disaster. The only bright note was how friendly Micky Dolenz was before he ran off after somebody or something! And there I was with Boyce and Hart and all they wanted to do was complain about being in STL on New Year's Eve! Jeez guys, I didn't want to have been there either!

DJ Pi/Paul Yamada