Soul Station Feature: Space Opera

Country Max

During one of my visits in 1972 to the CBS office in St. Louis county, I received a promo of an album by Space Opera. Parts of this record clicked with me right off. Very few people I played it for liked it. I could not find anything about the group or the album. Somewhat recently I discovered that two members of the group had been involved with a project that Uni Records released in 1968 as by Whistler, Chaucer, Detroit and Greenhill, that all of Space Opera were from Texas and had known T-Bone Burnett. Unable to gain traction at home, by the beginning of the 1970s, Space Opera was in Canada, and that is where they recorded the self titled album which was initially released there on Columbia. The U.S. release was on Epic. The album contains great country rock, jazzy folk and stupendous prog psyche (listen to Over And Over). The 45 release is as good as 70s country rock ever got and to me, it beats the hell out of The Eagles and many other similar bands!

DJ Pi a.k.a. Paul Yamada