Radio LOBO Show! 13


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Set 1

  1. I'm Alive
    The Hives
  2. Gacked on Anger
    Amyl and The Sniffers
  3. Calm Down aka I Should Not Be Alone
    Ezra Furman

Set 2

  1. Wampiro
    Tropa Magica
  2. Líder Juvenil
    Tony Gallardo II
  3. Puesta
    Kumbia Queers

Set 3

  1. Ameri'kana
    Making Movies
  2. Delilah (feat. Ruben Blades)
    Making Movies
  3. Should I Stay or Should I Go
    Xenia Rubinos
  4. Spanish Bombs
    Tijuana No

Set 4

  1. Jarama Valley
    Woody Guthrie
  2. Paths of Victory
    Cat Power
  3. Song To Woody
    Bob Dylan

Set 5

  1. I Know What It's Like
    Jeff Tweedy
  2. Loner
    Margo Price
  3. The Long Game (feat. Courtney Marie Andrews)
    Johnathan Rice

Set 6

  1. Beyond the Border (Ballad Version)
    Bhi Bhiman