When Someone Else Says It's Better Than You...

About 7 years ago, I was debating names for my WholesomeRadio show. I had a goal to hit people where it hurts most. The decision to name the show "I h8 girls," came from my horrible experiences with adult women using their "girl" status to exclude others and limit their own potential.

Over the years, I've struggled to clearly articulate the rationale and philosophy behind the decision to name the show. It always seemed to make more sense to me than others. Girls, aren't women; saying "I h8 girls," is the equivalent of a guy saying he hates "bro's."

Women who pride themselves in being "girls" are women who I often find myself at odds with. It's been so apparent to me that I joke around that I only get along with women who don't like other women- but the reality is, we don't like girls and what they do for our societal status. 

Thanks to the awesome woman, Mayim Bialik, for saying it better! Language does matter.