DJ'z Adam & Angel: Ghosts & Worms 2

Power Pop and Glam*

*(Damaged and Twisted in Various Ways)


Listen @ Your Leisure!

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Currently the planet is aligning with Pluto’s younger cousin and we're expecting the asteroids and an alien being to take us over and turn us into human slaves. We’ve gone into nano-time with the under-world of cut-tape and all things petroleum based, whale blubber and amberbris...


Set 1

  1. Conversation
    Outer Minds

Set 2

  1. Invisible Friends
    The Go

Set 3

  1. Pretty Stare
    Timmy's Organism
  2. The Opera House
    The Olivia Tremor Control
  3. Frosted Ambassador
    The Olivia Tremor Control
  4. Jumping Fences
    The Olivia Tremor Control

Set 4

  1. Low Fashion Movers
    The Clone Defects

Set 5

  1. Shapes Of Venus
    The Clone Defects
  2. Brain Zip (Kickin' Back in the Electric Chair)
    Human Eye
  3. Omaha
    Moby Grape
  4. Long and Lonesome Road
    Shocking Blue
  5. Them Kinda Monkeys Can't Swing

Set 6

  1. Impregnate the Martian Queen Pt. 2
    Human Eye
  2. Memo from Turner
    Mick Jagger
  3. Don't Push Me Around
    The Zeroes

Set 7

  1. Big Payback
    Big Black
  2. Broken English
    Marianne Faithfull
  3. I've Heard It Before
    Black Flag

Set 8

  1. Rumours In Town
    The Exploding Hearts

Set 9

  1. Modern Kicks
    The Exploding Hearts

Set 10

  1. Boulevard Trash
    The Exploding Hearts
  2. Hold Her Tight
    The Osmonds
  3. I Can't Quit Her
    Blood, Sweat and Tears
  4. Give Birth to a Smile
    Roger Waters

Set 11

  1. She's So Tuff
    Tina and The Total Babes

Set 12

  1. Christie
    Tina and The Total Babes
  2. Lets Kill Ourselves
    The Ponys

Set 13

  1. The Monkey Time/Dancing' In the Streets
    Laura Nyro
  2. When My Baby's Beside Me
    Big Star

Set 14

  1. Blow Dumb

Set 15

  1. Motorhead with Me