DJ'z Adam & Angel: Ghosts & Worms 3

Worship the Worm!

For it Renews and Oxygenates the Soil


Listen @ Your Leisure!

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Give Tribute to Shai-Hulud! The worms are boring into the ear cannal of your Mind-Face. You will become parasitic host to the Aerosol Dreams of Valley Dudes on a Green Fuz/Hot Smoke and Sasafrass bender listening to power pop leaking out of L.A. Meanwhile in Chicago WGN remanisices of the Roots of Rock and Roll and Dead Time Summer Blues. Suckers Relax! coz we have the mike!

...and remeber kids, suicide is a permanent solution to aa temporary problem.


Set 1

  1. I Can't Wait
    Sneaky Pinks
  2. Aerosol Dream
    The Valentinos
  3. Valley Dudes
    The Straight A's
  4. Suicide
    Butthole Surfers
  5. I Can't Sleep At Night
    The Deadly Snakes
  6. Boys Talk
    Baby Shakes
  7. Green Fuz
    The Green Fuz

Set 2

  1. Hot Smoke and Sasafrass
    Bubble Puppy
  2. Ultima Thule Part 1
    Tangerine Dream
  3. The Coming Of The Crow
    The Residents
  4. Lucky Number
    Lene Lovich

Set 3

  1. (I'm) Psychotic
    The Mau Maus
  2. You Turn Me On (Turn On Song)
    Ian Whitcomb
  3. Island Ave
    Jacuzzi Boys
  4. Smokin' Banana Peels
    The Dead Milkmen
  5. Just Like William Tell
    FM Knives
  6. You Don't Care
    The Yolks
  7. I Died Today
    Rodd Keith

Set 4

  1. Need More Time
    The Epoxies
  2. Baby I Grind
    Les Sexareenos
  3. Poem Party
    The Strange Boys
  4. Open Up Your Door
    The Flakes
  5. Chemical Imbalance
    The Ponys
  6. With You Alone
    Woven Bones
  7. Esmerelda
    The Mullens

Set 5

  1. Pirate Cowboy
    The Deadly Snakes
  2. Tell That Girl To Shut Up
    Tina & The Total Babes
  3. Loretta
    Nervous Eaters
  4. Jackie Wood
    Box Elders
  5. Phone Booth
  6. Lost Due to Incompetence
    Cheech & Chong
  7. Dead Time Bummer Blues
    Judee Sill

Set 6

  1. Beware (The Transatlantic Feedback)