We're Part of Something Bigger!

If you haven't already noticed, WholesomeZine is under the umbrella of the creativity + music clubhouse that is Wholesome. All of our physical working spaces are housed in the historic Hammond Organ Factory where B3 organs were churned out like tweets almost a century ago. Now that the building where Wholesome lives has been officially acquired by Workshop 4200, Chicago's Creatorspace, we decided it's time to clarify all the pieces to this clubhouse.

Studio-b3 at WholesomeZine is what we have named the place where we run WholesomeRadio, record LPs and albums for WholesomeWax, and provide monthly and hourly practice spaces for bands in and passing through Chicago. As we continue to expand our facilities to include more rooms, we are offering both our current and potential renters membership to the Studio-b3 club where they can access special discount rates and packages. To learn more, email us at club@studio-b3.com today!


Posted on April 2, 2016 .