Thee Arthur Layne - INFO_TAPES

Thee Arthur Layne - INFO_TAPES

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INFO_TAPES are the fever dream of Thee Arthur Layne . . an alter ego, split personality, a return to ancient roots... the folks who make up TAL grew up on the underground hardcore sounds of Chicago and Los Angeles back in the day... its a language that we speak fluently... its pure energy . . its a craving, an itch that one must scratch . . presented to YOU, the Intrepid listener, for your consideration. . .

  1. I Am The Pope (And I Am Retired) 2:26

  2. Drug Party (Slight Return) 2:11

  3. Listen To The Words 2:26

  4. My Mind's Dieseased 1:36

  5. Cult Of Confusion 2:24

  6. No Excuse 1:40

  7. Hey Sap (What's Up?) 1:03

  8. Time Is Money (Money's Time) 1:27

L. Bob Ablomos - VOV
Brian O'Blivion - Guitar
Al Segundo - Bazz
Sancho DeMarco - Drums

Recorded & Mixed @ WholesomeStudio-b3 in the old Hammond Organ factory in Chicago, IL. Produced by T.H.O.S.E. for TAL Worldwide. Mastered by T.H.O.S.E. for TAL Worldwide.

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