Smooth Sounds of the 80's

Music today is music of yesterday. But, there is simply something surreal about the sounds of the 80's. Girl groups emerged to deliver perfect melodies set in a harmonic tone never duplicated. Many have come along since, but none quite so worthy of standing alongside these ladies, who become one with the instruments.

This musical segment is sure to take you back in time, while undeniably connecting to the future of sound. From The Emotions, a family of four songbirds who gave us the sweet sounds of - The Best of My Love to Don't ask My Neighbor - I assure that you will likely become lost in the lyrics and begin to sing along. The smooth and oh so candid sounds of The Jone's Girls will take you deeper into musical bliss, followed Envogue and Brownstone who emerged on the scene under the tutelage of the master - Michael Jackson. Adding a special touch, Dani Elliott, a present day artist will warm your hearts as well. So, sit back, poor a glass of wine and enjoy DJ Diva Cooper's Smooth Sounds of the 80's.

Posted on August 5, 2016 .