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Beach Boys



L@YL - listen at your leisure.

A great amount of attention had been paid to the music the Beach Boys produced from the 1966 release of Pet Sounds until the expiration of their contract with Capitol Records in 1969. Their early recordings released on their own Brother Records through Reprise Records have not altogether gotten the attention or appreciation they deserve.

The first two records, Sunflower and Surf’s Up still had the participation of Bruce Johnston, who filled the part of singer and bass player when short replacement Glen Campbell stopped touring as a sub for Brian Wilson. After Surf’s Up, Johnston departed and two members of a South African pop rock band that already had a connection with the Beach Boys were recruited to play guitar and drums. This allowed Dennis Wilson to become a full time singer and had Carl Wilson playing bass most of the time, at least in live performances.

Their live shows during the early ways superb, but frequently were unwillingly and rudely received by fans who only wished for the experience to be an oldies revue. The preponderance of new material was often met with much booing and constant request for their "surfing hits"! I can recall many times in 1971 and 1972 when I was ashamed of the audience and embarrassed for the band.

Set 1

  1. Hold On Dear Brother
  2. He Come Down
  3. Here She Comes
    The Beach Boys

Set 2

  1. You Need a Mess of Help
  2. Let the Wind Blow
  3. We Got Love
  4. Leaving This Town
  5. The Trader
  6. Funky Pretty
  7. Sail On Sailor
    The Beach Boys


Posted on September 8, 2016 .