DJ Cheddarwürst Apologizes for the Year 2015

The Year of No Official Shows

As one of the prime contributers to WholesomeRadio, I, DJ Cheddarwurst, must apologize for the lack of hour long music experiences in the year 2015. Although I didn't post any official shows, if you listened to WholesomeRadio at all this year, you heard me, as I was one of the main contributors to our featured album selections.

For pretty much every month of 2015, I made a sixty to one hundred and twenty minute playlist and shared it on Spotify. You can check out all of my 2015 playlists by finding me on Spotify.

Honestly, most of 2015 was dedicated to other aspects of Wholesome, like WholesomeWax, our new record label, and expanding Studio-b3, our band practice spaces. There are exciting things for WholesomeRadio in 2016, which will allow us to expand our offerings and give away free stuff while doing awesome things for people who need support. Until there is new newz about the top secret Wholesome projects, you can listen to the 13+ hour playlist featuring my favorite albums of 2015. I hope it provides you a solid soundtrack to the start of 2016. Enjoy!



Posted on January 5, 2016 .