Ghosts & Worms 13


Suí - Following

L@YL - listen @ your leisure.

The trigram for the waters of a marsh and that for thunder hidden in the midst of it form Sui. The superior person in accordance with this, when it is getting toward dark, enters their house and rests. Sui indicates that under its conditions there will be great progress and success. But it will be advantageous to be firm and correct. There will then be no error.

Attenzioni!!! DJ Adam and DJ Angel have a new Ghosts & Worms show for your listening pleasure. This episode is has no particular theme or curatorial push . . Just rocking tunes that expand your mind, soul, and lower extremities!!!! Angel's tunes are as amazing and eclectic as always, and Adams selections are acid fried flower punkers!!!

Set 1

  1. Tell Me That It's Over
    The Valentinos
  2. Go-Go Bee
  3. This Time I Got A Reason
  4. I Didn't Cry
    The Pandoras
  5. Transmaniacon MC
    Blue Oyster Cült
  6. Les Lolita
    Les Sequelles
  7. I'm Gonna Haunt You
  8. Ab Ra Ka Dab Ra
    Third Ear Band
  9. Yeah
    The Alarm Clocks
  10. Tune to the Music 7'' Single Version
    Status Quo

Set 4

  1. He's Waitin'
    The Sonics
  2. Long Wait
    Harvey Mandel
  3. The First Girl I Loved
    The Incredible String Band
  4. Combination of the Two - Live
    Janis Joplin
  5. Partners In Crime
    Rupert Holmes
  6. Rock & Roll Pussy
    Todd Rundgren
  7. Gettin' Ready
    The Cowsills
  8. Slow Death
    Flamin' Groovies
  9. Flashes Of Her
    Vee Dee
  10. Hair Of The Dog

Set 2

  1. Intro
  2. My Mothers Gone to India/Hare Krishna/Time of Green Banana/Remember the Name
    Daevid Allen
  3. Iggy Talks
  4. Down On The Street - Live At Ungano's, August 17, 1970
    The Stooges
  5. Intro
    Dirk Dirksen
  6. Do The Nihil

Set 5

  1. Ill in the Head
    Dead Kennedys
  2. Rosalie
    Thin Lizzy
  3. Rabbit
    Bionic Cavemen

Set 3

  1. Fuzz's Fourth Dream
  2. Snake
    Harvey Mandel
  3. Laisse Tomber Les Filles
    Fabienne Delsol
  4. Black Country Rock
    David Bowie
  5. Lion's Eyes
    John Krautner
  6. Je Suis Un Minet
    Les Sequelles
  7. Northwood
    John Krautner

Set 6

  1. Hunt Like Devil


Posted on March 6, 2015 .