DJ'z ADAM & ANGEL | Ghosts & Worms

The ghosts that haunt you, and the worms that won't leave.





“Sitting in a room surrounded by bottles
My friends have all left and my head is on fire
It’s already morning but pieces of the night are still stuck to my hair
What we did is fading
The light of the day
What we said was bullshit
And I guess I’ll never find out
Which one of you wrote one of the craziest things
On the bathroom mirror
Adding up all my sins and inventing new ones
I like the taste of guilt
I know the taste of death
When all the dumbfucks sleep
We’ll try our new curses
Experiment with fear
Experiment with fear
Seeking each others soul and rehearse on the phone”
— Ghosts & Worms

DJ'z Angel & Adam spin an eclectic mix of iconic and iconoclastic sounds for the upstanding gormandizer! Angel and Adam also play in a band together called Thee Arthur Layne. Adam plays the guitar, Angel, the drums . . . so you know that their commitment to sliding the now-sound ear-worms into your audio G-spot and conjuring the sonic ghosts of yesteryear is 100% right on and righteous! The show is produced and recorded deep within The Inner Sanctum of Studio - b3 in the heart of the neon jungle, Chicago! Each 2 - 3 hour show is dedicated to a different conceptual theme that Adam and Angel use as an armature to hang music of all kinds on! Oh . . and for your information Angel is a Sagittarius and Adam is a Scorpio . .

Won't you, the intrepid listener, take the trip, drink the cool-aid, and dig Angel and Adam's freaky action! Nowhere else will you get such a well curated menagerie of sonic visions and fascinating discussion. Angel and Adam live to massage your rear end with the mink lined glove of rock and roll! Can you dig it? We knew you could.