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"Free your mind, spirits, feet and ass! Come explore Soul Station π."

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Chicago Soul and Beyond


Soul Station π is an adventure in time, history, groove, rhythm and repertoire. Many of π's shows concentrate on Chicago music, Rock, Soul, Blues, Soul-Jazz and R&B from the city during its strongest and most productive years, circa 1960-70. The variety and talent on display, not to mention the dance grooves, are staggering! But these are not just history excursions. The grooves and the connections will have you dancing and finger popping.

In addition to featuring Chicago music, Soul Station π drops in on the latin thing, not just from New York and Puerto Rico, but also from Texas, California, Columbia and elsewhere, with Boogaloo and Latin Soul that show how much what became salsa borrowed from Rock, Soul, Jazz and R&B, but which aslo shows how much those musics took from latin music of the 60's and early 70's!

And that's not all! There's early Western Swing, the Garage Rock and Blue-Eyed Soul of St. Louis, and single artist tributes that present the music of bands, singers and song writers everybody ought to appreciate and groove to, but that almost nobody knows.

Free your mind, spirits, feet and ass! Come explore Soul Station π.

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