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S is for siderunners

WHOOO BOY! The Siderunners play country with grit, style, and heart. Veterans of the Chicago punk music scene, these musicians seamlessly cross genres and sound as if they've been playing country their whole lives. With a healthy respect for tradition, this unconventional lineup remembers what was best about country music, and the kind of music that has endured over the years.

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B is for beachland ballroom & tavern

We LURVE this place not the least for being run by Wholesome staff favorite Matt Fields (a.k.a. DJMF) Beachland Ballroom was built in 1950 as the Croatian Liberty Home, with the ballroom and tavern comprising the original structure. In 1976 the kitchen and back bar area were added. The Liberty Home was active on many social and political fronts and was a true Cleveland landmark before becoming Cleveland's most eclectic music club in the year 2000. Shecky Sez "We thinks this joint is kickass, totaly not jive ass"!

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