D is for daredevil pedals

Daredevil Pedals creates high quality, affordable, hand wired effects pedals...
A modern approach to vintage tone. Built in Chicago, IL


Top Gear Thrills SNAMM 2015 – Guitar Player Magazine – Northern Creeper Fuzz


30 Essential New Effects SNAMM 2015 by Guitar Player Magazine – Knuckle Duster OD


Top Pedal of Summer NAMM 2015 by BestGuitarEffects.com – Red Light District Distortion


Posted on December 5, 2017 .

S is for sydello designs

Sydello Designs provides the highest level of service to clients who appreciate quality custom home design.

They are a licensed general contracting firm specializing in high-end cabinetry. Whether it's a kitchen remodel, basement build-out, or a redefined bathroom, Sydello Designs can help make your dream project come to life. Their team will create 3-D renderings to help visualize the finished product. They own and operate a custom cabinet shop, where they seek perfection and apply only the most durable finishes. Their talented team of in-house carpenters and subcontractors offer a professional service, while maintaining a clean and respectable work site.

Posted on December 5, 2017 .

S is for siderunners

WHOOO BOY! The Siderunners play country with grit, style, and heart. Veterans of the Chicago punk music scene, these musicians seamlessly cross genres and sound as if they've been playing country their whole lives. With a healthy respect for tradition, this unconventional lineup remembers what was best about country music, and the kind of music that has endured over the years.

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